Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I am of the opinion that professions suck. Yes you heard that right, they suck. With my paladin I have been a 300 Hammersmith, 300 Alchemist, 300 Enchanter, 300 Engineer, 300 Herbalism, 375 Skinner, and 375 Miner. That was a long grueling gold intensive history of "mistakes." I am not saying that professions are not useful, I am just saying that they, in fact, suck.

I am not sure why but I make a lot of comparisons between Final Fantasy Online and World of Warcraft. Final Fantasy Online was really the first MMO that I ever really got into. I would probably still be playing FF Online if grouping were not mandatory. However, grouping was, and I can easily remmember looking for a group to get into the Crawler's Nest for over 2 hours before I finally just logged in disgust. That was really the final straw.

In Final Fantasy Online, you could have "ALL" the professions that you wanted. It took a lot of time and energy into leveling a profession. It took a lot of gil (their system of currency), and there were times when you crafted something that your mats were wasted and nothing happened. However, you could have "ALL" the professions. For someone like me, who is a little on the OCD side, that was wonderful.

Let us take a walk to imaginary land and pretend that we could have all the professions in WoW. I would almost be done. The only three I would need to work on would be tailoring and leatherworking. Maybe they should change it so that you can only have 2 "Active" professions. The rest go idle. In this scenario, you would have to select which professions were idle, in regards to BOP crafted items. You could not sport a complete suite of BOPs just because you had them all. However, you could switch over to Alchemy/Herbalism, grind a week or two to store up some pots, swich to Enchanting for another week or two to power your gear back up, then move on to your "farming" skills.

I think they should make the professions more difficult, then let you level them all. By the same token, they should be more rewarding when all is said and done.
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