Sunday, October 14, 2007

Get the most...

Why do I love World of Warcraft? Allow me to share why I love the game of WoW. There are a variety of ways to play the game, a variety of styles to play, and content at every level of the game.

Level 1 - 70 Quest
You can be the kind of person that just loves to quest... you go through the many levels of the game quest after quest after quest.

Level 1 - 70 Grind
You can be the kind of person that just likes to grind... if a quest gets completed that is cool to, but you just want to tear through some mobs.

Level 70 Raid
Often called "end game," this style of play involves getting a bunch of people together and trying to tackle some of the really big challenges in the game. It takes time, patience, and people you trust.

Level 70 Instance / Heroic / Casual
You can be the kind of person that just does not have the time to devote to a raid guild. You have a good group of people that also do not really have time, so you settle for 5 mans. 5 mans can be challenging as well and do not require the same amount of "stress" that raids generally do.

Level 70 PVP
You could enjoy trashing other players. You can do world pvp, enter arena's, do some BGs, or just go around "ganking" people.

This is a term that any MMO gamer should know well. You may be the type that really enjoys the twink experience and just enter low level BGs with above average gear.

I like Wow because no matter what style of gamer you are there is something for you. Personally, I like to level grind, do quests, and some casual pvp. I think the success of this game is in the design of it. The game meets a lot of gamers needs and continues to give.
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